Whether it be in person or through social media, we’re constantly seeing the best in others. It’s easy to compare our worst to their best and if we’re not careful, the enemy will use this tool to distract us from our purpose, our calling, and the current season we’re in.

Friend, we weren’t called to put our focus and attention on the things or life we wish we had. We weren’t called to compare our lives to the lives of those around us. We weren’t called to keep up.

God has placed a special calling on each of our lives! He has a purpose and we can’t lose sight of that! We have to stop the cycle of comparison! We have to keep our focus on things that really matter! But how? How do we stop this viscous cycle?

We must focus on our relationship with God! We need to ask Him to remove the need for comparison from our hearts. Ask Him to search us and teach us to be content, despite the noise that tells us not to be.

Instead of focusing on people, things, and before we focus on our desires, we must focus on the one who loves us and called us for HIS purpose! We must seek His purpose and will for our lives and accept whatever that might be.

Focus on what you have.
Focus on helping and serving others.
Focus on growing in your current season.
Focus on loving and nurturing your family.
Focus on your blessings and God’s goodness.

Be so content that you don’t have time for the comparison game! Choose to not let comparison steal anything else from you!

When we take our focus off the things that don’t matter, and put our focus on the things that do, God will do amazing things and we will live free from the heaviness of comparison! ❀

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
1 Timothy 6:6‭-‬7

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