Growing pains…

At the beginning of this pandemic, I felt the Lord calling me to a special place of prayer and as I prayed more and more, the more I felt the Lord was silent. The more I prayed, the harder it was to reach that special place of connecting to God, or at least that’s how it felt. I tried to push through but it felt like my prayers weren’t going anywhere. Have you ever felt this way?

Why in a time like this, would God appear to be silent? Why when I knew He was calling me to a closer relationship with Him, did I feel He was far out of my reach?

As I began to evaluate the situation, I started searching myself, asking God if there was something I was doing that was hindering my prayer life. I began repenting, asking God to cleanse me, to remove doubt, fear, anxiety and so on. But still, nothing!

I finally stopped, and asked God to show me what it was He was trying to teach me or what it was He was doing in me. When I asked, He answered.

He asked me if I was willing to fight through His silence to get a breakthrough. He asked me if I was willing to CONTINUE until He spoke again. He asked me if I was willing to walk this uncertain path, trusting that He was in control. He asked me if I was willing to stand firm, stand strong, and not waiver, even when it seemed He wasn’t there. He then showed me that all along, He was trying to grow me and take me to new levels, new heights, and a new anointing but with growth came growing pains! With growth, He had to be sure I was willing to put in the hard work. He had to be sure I was willing to fight!

At first my mind and flesh believed this was an attack of the enemy (isn’t it easy to jump to this conclusion) but it turned out that it was God preparing me for a breakthrough, for something new! Now, the enemy absolutely showed up and tried to use God’s silence against me, he tried to lie to me and convince me something was wrong with me but when I silenced that voice, and asked God for clarity, He revealed the truth to me.

I share this with you because I feel the Lord wanted this word to go out and that it wasn’t just for me. He is calling each of us to new levels in Him. In prayer, in our callings, in our relationships, in our homes, in our ministries! I believe now more than ever before God is calling us to stand in the gap and He wants to he sure we are willing to fight! He’s preparing us and wants to make us stronger than we’ve ever been.

I was reminded of soldiers in the military… They are put through the toughest of situations, to ensure they are ready for battle. To ensure they have what it takes to fight. Every time they reach a new rank, they are put through tests to ensure they are ready. God does the same with us. He knows how to prepare us for greatness. We just have to trust Him and keep fighting.

I encourage you friend to stay strong. Be of good courage and know that God is ALWAYS with you! Leading, guiding, and preparing you for greatness.

Love you all!

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