A simple yes…

Hey friend!

Is God calling you or inviting you to do new things or maybe hard things you’re not sure about? Maybe he’s asking you to step out of your comfort zone and you’re just not sure you can do it!

So many times, I’ve been in this exact place, feeling uncomfortable and unqualified, trying to convince myself it was all in my head…trying to convince myself it wasn’t really God…but all along, I KNEW he was asking me to do the thing…he was asking me to make the next move.

When you feel led to do something new or new ideas come to you, that don’t benefit you, ask yourself if you would think of this on your own…would you think to do something that makes you completely uncomfortable or stretches who you are? If the answer is no, it’s probably God speaking to you, it’s probably God inviting you to something new and beautiful, something bigger than YOU!

So many times I’ve argued with the thoughts and leadings God has placed in me, because I was so uncomfortable! I couldn’t muster up the strength to do it on my own. I had to ask God to give me his strength, so I could answer his call.

What is God asking you to do? Have you felt unqualified or scared to take the next step? Maybe it seems too big or too small… Maybe it’s simply talking to that stranger in the store, maybe it’s teaching a Bible Study or joining a ministry team. Friend! No matter what it is, you don’t have to feel qualified or “ready”, you simply have to answer with your best yes. A simple yes. If you obey, God will do the rest!

When we follow God’s lead, everything falls in to place. Obedience brings a sense of peace and God blesses us more than we can measure in return!

None of the things I do are about me, it’s all about HIM! He invites me in to his presence. He invites me to be a part of his plan. He invites me to be HIS hands and feet. He’s inviting you to do the same!

God our Father, is that, a Father! He is leading us, guiding us, and giving us opportunities to learn and grown in HIM! By accepting his invitations, we reach new levels he’s inviting us to. He won’t force us, or drag us along, he will wait patiently until we answer his call.

I encourage you today, to never stop answering His call. And if you’ve been running, I invite you to say yes. A simple yes can make all the difference! I know you will never regret it!

I love you friends!


2 thoughts on “A simple yes…

  1. Beautifully written and soo much truth to every word. I have been there so many times, but when I said Yes, BOOM 💥 God showed up and gave me the strength, wisdom, and know how. Love you, thanks for sharing your heart with all of us❤

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