your miracle – his timing

Hey friend!

Are you waiting for a miracle? Do you need a healing in your body, finances, family, etc.? If so, you are not alone and I have an encouraging word for you!

Many times, those praying for a miracle wonder why God hasn’t answered their prayer(s). We often try to figure out the reason for our struggling because it’s hard to go through a waiting season and not have answers, I know! We want to know the reason behind our waiting, so it has some kind of meaning and value…we wonder why, we wonder if we caused it, or even if we deserved it.

While this may be true at times, we see many times in the Bible where unanswered prayers, or afflictions of many kinds, were not punishment to those afflicted, but an opportunity for God’s power and glory to be seen! Those afflicted did not deserve their affliction, but God knew he could trust them and use them for a greater purpose!

In Luke 1, we read about Elizabeth, the wife of Zachariah and the cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Elizabeth was known as righteous and walked in the ways of the Lord but she was also known as disgraced among people because she was childless. People labeled her without knowing God’s plan or purpose for her life. Have you ever been labeled by those who don’t know your whole story? Or maybe you’ve labeled someone without knowing their story?

I’d like to stop here for a moment and remind us to not label others based on our own assumptions and understandings, or lack there of. We are not called by God to cast our judgments or thoughts of others on them, we are called to hold each other up in prayer and Godly support!

I can imagine Elizabeth heartbroken through the years, as she desired a miracle baby and to be a mother! I’ve struggled with infertility and loss for many years and this is so real to me. I imagine Elizabeth heartbroken but choosing to trust God no matter what! Choosing his ways, even when they felt hurtful and unfair. Choosing to live out her faith despite of the outcome.

Elizabeth and her husband Zachariah continued in the ways of the Lord, and in their older years, an angel appears before Zachariah and tells him they’re going to have a baby..he tells him their miracle is on the way! Though Zachariah questioned the angel and suffered consequences for doing so, the miracle still came to be!

Not only was Elizabeth going to have a baby, she was going to he the mother to John the Baptist! THE JOHN THE BAPTIST! I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I think about the magnitude of her purpose and what God had been preparing her for all along!

God trusted Elizabeth and Zachariah so much that he put them in a waiting season until it was time to birth the miracle that would prepare the way for Jesus himself! Their child helped prepare the way for salvation, for you and me!

Sometimes, our miracle is destined to be so great, that it must take time to grow and come to life at the right time. God loves us so much that he prepares us to be a part of something bigger than we are. If miracles happened when we wanted them to, or the way we wanted them to, they would not birth the purpose God had planned. But when our miracles happen God’s way and in His time, there are no limits or boundaries to the greatness they will hold!

Friend, no matter what your situation looks like, no matter how little hope you have, God has a plan and his purpose for your life is much bigger than you could imagine! Don’t rush him, but don’t give up on the desires and needs he’s placed in you. Your miracle will come and it will be more amazing than you ever thought possible! It may not look like you thought it would, it may not happen when you want it to, but God’s plan and purpose will happen if you humble yourself and walk the path he’s laid before you.

Stay encouraged!