following the recipe

Hey friend!

Thanks for coming by to chat! I hope you’re doing well!

I know this time is challenging for all of us, in many different ways! No matter what you’re facing or going through, I pray you find peace and comfort knowing God is with you, and will never leave you! Through these unknown and uncertain times, I pray God strengthens you and I pray this little word he gave me, encourages you, just like it did me!

Don’t you just love God moments? Those quiet moments, when nothing else is going on, you’re listening, and he speaks, right in the middle of the storm you’re facing! I try not to take these moments for granted because I know he’s speaking to me for a reason and if I don’t listen, I might miss what he’s trying to teach me! (I had to learn this the not so easy way)!

The other night, I was making homemade banana bread because why not bake while in quarantine, right?! While I was mixing the ingredients together, I started thinking about the process it takes to create a delicious recipe that tastes as good, if not better than it smells. It seems like such a daunting task, to be the creator of a NEW recipe, that others will follow and pass on to their friends and family (if it’s really as good as it smells)! As the creator, and writer of the recipe, you know many are relying on you for success.

As the baker, you follow the recipe or instructions outlined for you, created by someone who has tested and fool-proofed the ingredients and directions so you don’t have to. You follow the instructions carefully and correctly, to avoid ending up with something less than desirable. Something no one would eat, not even the dog (and you know the dog will eat ANYTHING)! You TRUST that the person who wrote the recipe knows what they’re talking about and you HOPE for the outcome they promise you is possible!

God reminded me that he is the author of the recipe for life. He has given us steps to follow, in order to create a life full of joy, happiness, and peace, no matter what we’re facing. He has given us the ingredients we need, in the Bible, and he led us by example when he walked this earth! He has equipped us with the tools needed to create a life, that mirrors him and who he created us to be.

Many of us, at some point in our lives, have strayed from his recipe, from the ingredients and directions he set before us, thinking we knew a better way. I know I’ve been here before, have you? Straying from his recipe can look like worry, doubt, sin, anger, and so much more! When we stray from the tested and true recipe, we usually end up with a recipe that is less than desirable. We end up with a mess that we are unable to clean up or fix. But there’s good news…

When we do stray, we can always try again! He’s waiting for us to pick up the tools he’s given us, and give the recipe another try! Through the years, I’ve learned and decided that God’s way, his recipe, is the only way! The recipe he created for me is pleasing to him, and safe for me. I may not understand everything he does, I may not understand why he asks certain things of me, but that’s okay! He knows what’s best for me!

The Bible tells us this in Isaiah 55:8-9. It says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

So remember friends, God has us in his hands and his ways are better than ours! We don’t have to overthink, over plan, or beg God for help, we just need to TRUST him! He is with us always and though we may not see it, he’s always working among us, and for us! If you’ve strayed from the recipe he’s given you, his grace and mercy is waiting for you!

It’s never too late to turn back to him and invite him into your situation, no matter how messy it is! Your life is not like a loaf of banana bread, thank goodness, right?! You don’t have one chance to succeed or fail. You may ruin it, but God can fix it! He wants to fix your mess, he wants to heal your heart, he wants to cleanse you, and he can do all of that and more!

There will be good that comes out of this pandemic, there is already so much good happening all around just have to look around to see it! God was not surprised by this virus. He has a plan, a purpose, and this is just another ingredient in his recipe for our lives.

I encourage you to keep trusting him, keep serving him, keep loving him and those around you. Hold on to your FAITH! Don’t let this ingredient break you because it was intended to make you! You are a child of God and he is going to see you through this time! Turn to him and trust him. He is still the giver of peace, love, joy, and HOPE!


5 thoughts on “following the recipe

  1. Love this! I’m so glad that he is always there to help us even when we mess up. Your right, it is so easy to stray and find ourself in a bad place. God is so loving towards us and will help up get back on track. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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