My journey with Endometriosis + an update on how things are going since surgery!

Hello Lovely Friends! I’m not sure where to start but FIRST I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, messages, and calls through this journey! You all are AMAZING and I’m so humbled and blessed to call you my tribe! Seriously, it makes me tear up to know I have such beautiful people behind me and my little family! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being you and for caring so much! I hope and pray our journey blesses and touches you and gives you strength! If you ever experience any of these struggles, know I’m here for you as well! I’m always open to talking about this journey with other fighters or those affected by the journey! You can comment below, email me (, or you can reach out through my social media accounts, Instagram & Facebook – blue lane blog. ♥

I’ve been doing really good since surgery, just letting myself rest and heal (doctors orders – haha). I’m starting to feel a little more like myself and it feels great! I’m so ready to start working out again and living life “normally” but I know that will take a few weeks and I’ve accepted the process and journey ahead! Let me tell you that my hubby and family have been AMAZING through everything going on. Y’all, my hubby, Jake is the BEST and I don’t know what I did to deserve such a kind, loving, giving soul. God is so good to me and I’m so thankful for this man by my side! He’s SO handsome as well! 😉

For those of you who don’t know, during surgery they did find endometriosis on my ovary and they were able to remove it!!! We are SO thankful and blessed to receive this outcome and give all praise and glory to God! It was such a relief to know there was a reason for the pain, fatigue, and other symptoms I was experiencing. Symptoms that take your freedom and start to interfere with your every day life. Deep down I knew something was wrong but I was so nervous my doc wouldn’t find it…nervous for the situation to go unexplained. I needed answers to these issues and prayed a prayer that went something like this before surgery – “God, I know you are able to heal me miraculously and I would be so thankful if you did, but if you don’t choose this way, please show us what is causing the issues I’m having. Please also allow the doctor to fix or heal the problem through your ability so I can live the way you intended. Serving you and others along the way”. He answered this prayer in his way and I’m so thankful for that.

Have you ever been so desperate for something or so weak that you almost couldn’t pray?! I have been here so many times through this journey. At times I thought something was wrong with me spiritually. I felt like my thoughts were all over the place and felt like maybe God wasn’t hearing me. When I felt this way, I would just whisper, small quiet prayers. Prayers of affirmation. Prayers of thanks. Prayers of trust. I would tell God, “I love you and I know you love me…and right now I stand on your word. I stand on your promises and trust you fully”. There was a peace that always flooded me when I let go and gave it all to God…and let me tell you, sometimes the answer I needed came quickly and sometimes, the answer took years. Before they removed the endometriosis the first time, I went through five years of pain. Before we knew I needed progesterone to help me carry a baby full term, I had two miscarriages. Since my daughter was born, three and a half years ago, I had another miscarriage followed by a year of pain and just now had surgery that finally explains the pain and other symptoms I was experiencing. We don’t have another baby, YET, but we know God will give us another miracle at the perfect time. His perfect time. I say all of this to say, don’t give up and don’t let the process STOP YOU! No matter what you’re facing or how hard it gets… FIGHT with all you have and when you have nothing left, lean on others to support and carry you. I don’t understand or know God’s full plan and purpose for this journey, or your journey, but I know he has a plan and purpose for everything. Trust him and let him work. ♥

In a couple of weeks we will follow up with my OB, who let me tell you is also INCREDIBLE! God definitely gave us the right doctor for this time in our lives. After surgery he sat in the waiting room with Jake for quite some time going over the results, possible plans for our future, and just taking time to connect on a personal level. It meant the world to both of us and gave us even more trust in him and his care for our situation! We will discuss my overall health and the possibility of fertility to help us get pregnant when we see him. More to come on this but since we have only been pregnant one time in three and a half years, we may need a little help due to different issues including ovulation. We know God is able and if we choose fertility it will be because he leads us down that path. We will also discuss hormone therapy and go over our options to be sure my hormone levels are where they should be prior to getting pregnant. If needed we will meet with a more natural doctor for a consultation to discuss this type of therapy.

I will keep you updated through this process and appreciate all the prayers being sent our way. We want God’s will, his plan, and in his time. For now I will rest and slowly take my life back. So excited for this next step! To feel great again. To feel like me again.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

XXX Alexandrea

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