new year in + old year out

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2019! How did this year sneak up on us so quickly? For me, I had so much going on the last few months of 2018 that it really did sneak up on me. Out of nowhere, the Holidays were here and gone and then a new year had begun! I wasn’t sure how I felt as the new year arrived. I wasn’t necessarily excited or sad for 2018 to end. It was a great year, full of blessings and so many opportunities for my family and I. I was excited for a new year as it always brings a “newness” to life and feels like a reset we all need from time to time.

God did so many wonderful things for our family that it would be hard to put it all in one blog. He saw us through our daughters eye surgery in March where her specialist/surgeon was able to correct a condition that could have affected her for the rest of her life. By God’s grace and guidance, the doctor was able to help our daughter and to this day her eyes are perfectly whole! We know God was with the surgeon and we give all glory to Him!

I continued my journey with endometriosis and we as a couple continued our journey with infertility in 2018. Although we experienced heartache, pain, and disappointment, God reassured us over and over that our family would grow one day! We stand strong on His word and His promises and will continue walking this road until He says we’re finished! At our first Sunday church service of 2019, a dear lady from our church spoke in to my life and confirmed His promises yet again! I will be sharing more of our journey this year and pray it touches someone else who may be struggling in a similar way!

God knows where each of us are and He will never leave us nor forsake us! He loves and cares for us more than we could ever imagine and our job is not to figure out His plan, but to be still and let Him be God! That’s a tough job sometimes and if you’re like me, you start to get anxious and worry but then God sends someone or something along to remind you He’s still in control. I’m so glad He cares so much to send little reminders of His love for us.

I’m so excited for 2019 and pray you are all very blessed this year! I love you all and appreciate your love and support!

I would love to hear from you! How did God bless you or keep you on 2018 and what are you hopeful for in the New Year?

XXO, Alexandrea

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