Our past few weeks + He knows!

These last few weeks have been amazing and crazy all at the same time! I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and preparing for many more with my business, Blue Lane Co! I am seeing doors open that only God can open and I am reminded to keep trusting and believing in His plan.

We’ve seen God move in our family, doors open for us that we know can only be His divine intervention and we sit still knowing He’s got us! It’s not always easy to do, but we are practicing this action and it feels so great when you finally see Him work it out for your good!

Our daughter fell a little over a month ago and will need a procedure on her front teeth to avoid further damage before her big teeth come in! They will place molds (that look like teeth) over her teeth to preserve the teeth, and more importantly what’s behind the gums that we cannot see.

Because of this situation, it pushed us along with breaking her of her paci! OH MY! Let me tell you! It is NOT an easy task, especially with an almost two and a half year old who LOVES her paci. Well after a very very long week, we finally got past the worst part and she was finally sleeping at night without it!

She then came down with croup and oh my, there were so many times I wanted to cave and give in knowing it would comfort her and make it all better…BUT despite everything, we held strong and she actually did very well without it!! UNTIL one night she just so happened to find one in the silverware drawer! She quickly grabbed it, put it in her mouth, ran over to a chair with her blankie and jumped up and laid down! So sweetly and innocently and had this look like “just try and take it”, “I dare you”! Haha.

Well after the week of sickness she had gone through and how exhausted I was, I let her have it for a little while and maybe 10-15 minutes later, she walked over to me, handed me her paci, and said” Mumma, I don’t need paci, I a big girl”! And that was that! NO MORE PACI!

This reminded me of the times that God has to break us of things that He sees are not good for us and our future. He knows that there are things, people, and situations that are not meant for our good and He has to slowly take those things away. It hurts so badly at times, it takes time to heal, and then once we move on, it always seems like that thing creeps back in to tempt or tease us! We have to stay strong and remind ourselves who we are and where we came from!

We are big kids who belong to a great big God and He is our strength and He will see us through! We have to believe in the plan He has for us and believe that He knows best! He knows what we need and how to best prepare us for our future blessing and purpose!

Just like my little girl, being brave and denying her need for her paci, we too can deny the very thing that God has removed from our lives because He truly does know best!

I pray blessings and strength for each person who reads this post!

Love to you all! XXO Alexandrea

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