family vacation + breck tips

We make it a priority to take a family vacation every year. We feel it is very important to take time out of our busy schedules to spend quality time with the ones we love and make amazing memories! We do this in our every day life but vacation and getting away is just so special! To be honest, we usually come back to the same place every year, and only switch it up every few years!

My hubby and I started coming to Breckenridge, Co 8 years ago when we were just dating. His parents brought us to this amazing place and the rest is history! (I’m pretty sure this is where we truly fell in love)! It’s really our favorite vacation spot and we love how close to nature and God’s beauty we get to be! It’s the perfect spot for a couple or a family. There are so many things to do and we love exploring and finding new adventures! It never gets old and there are always gems to discover. When we’re ready to relax  we can always fall back on our favorites which NEVER get old! Being able to bring our sweet girl to this special place is now even better than ever! Making family memories and teaching her all about the Breck life! She’s a mountain girl at heart! ♥

A few of our must visits just in case you stop by:

  1. Walk down main street! Breck is really one of the coolest places you will visit! The quaint feel, unique shops, food spots, and atmosphere leave you relaxed and feeling part of an amazing town! Venture down many side streets and you will find yourself next to the gorgeous creek with rapids and lots of places to sit and relax (we love to have a picnic by the water). 
  2. The Gondola and Epic Discovery (fun park for adults and kids)! You can ride the Breck Gondola up to multiple stops and venture nature trails, restaurants, etc. Ride up to Peak 9 where you will find Epic Discovery park that offers rides and other activities like an alpine slide, mini golf, and a zipline! They also have a restaurant and indoor space to relax! Check out Epic Discovery for more!
  3. Crepes a la cart…This place is a HOT commodity and always has a line! To be honest we did not try it until this year..that’s took us 8 years to discover how amazing this spot is! They make crepes that I didn’t know existed..crepes as dinner or dessert, there are endless options! It can be a little overwhelming so start with the Berry Blast if you’re looking for a yummy treat! The line is worth the amazing food you get to experience! Check out their website and menu here

I could go on and on about this town and everything beautiful and amazing about it but it would literally take FOREVER! There are so many places to hike, fish, and picnic with your family that we haven’t seen them all in 8 years! Partially because we’re creatures of habit amd love visiting our favorite spots when we can haha! Here’s a great site that will help you find more to do in Breck! 

Our little vacation has come to an end but the memories will last a lifetime! We had so much fun (literally swimming non-stop) and lots of adventures I’ll try to share soon! ♥

XXO Alexandrea 

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