Fueled by Jesus & Coffee

Most days I feel like my life is a complete whirlwind! Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Despite all the crazy, it’s a beautiful life and I’m so thankful for all God’s blessings! I’ve decided to embrace this stage in my life with a positive and happy outlook and enjoy the ride! I juggle a lot of roles and to be honest, some days, I’m not sure how I do it…but I do! Only by God’s grace…and a whole lot of coffee! I’m pretty sure I should buy stock in Starbucks…I drink that stuff like it’s going to disappear and I need to taste it one last time! Anyone feel me?!

My style is another thing that makes me feel human and ready to conquer the world every day! I keep it simple and classy..mainly so it doesn’t take me forever to get ready! I wear lots of neutral colors..black, white, tan, gray..I feel like I’ve said this before and it has NOT changed! I don’t think it ever will and I’m perfectly OK with that! This is me. This is who I am! You will find me in staple pieces…basic tees, sweaters, dresses, jean jackets, and accessories. And I’m so very guilty of wearing my favorite outfits TOO MANY times!

Here are a few of my favorites right now!

cn13838099                       cn13493642                        cn13525755

Must have sweater!            Most comfy shoes EVER!        Basic Tee (On major clearance)!

Another necessity that keeps me going are essential oils..I use doTERRA and I’m not sure what I would do without this stuff. It’s a must. I use it to calm down, to motivate myself, and keep my immune system up. (These are only a few of the ways I use them, listing all of them would take forever)! I’ll be honest, I haven’t been sick (really sick) for over a year..(Jesus please keep this going). I’m so thankful I was introduce to oils many years ago! Shop doTERRA products here!

I wrote most of this blog on my flight from Dallas to Wichita last Thursday night. I slept A LOT when I got home, did ALL our laundry, ran a few errands, packed, and headed to Colorado for our family vacation Friday night! Seeing my little family after a week away and sleeping in my own bed was exactly what I needed!

I’m now sitting in our condo in Breckenridge, CO, drinking my coffee, enjoying the mountain views and waiting for my little family to wake so we can head out on an adventure! (I’m enjoying this quiet moment, reflecting on good things and how blessed I am)! Every mumma needs a moment like this every now and then!

Well I wanted to pop in and say hey to all you lovely people! Thanks for following this blog and keeping up with my little world. I hope it encourages others and gives you something positive to read! I know I write about EVERYTHING and you may not know what you’re getting from post to post but I write with my heart and what I feel at that time! 

XXO Alexandrea

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