cookies for breakfast

So the title of this blog pretty much sums up my week…month…maybe year!

I feel like I’ve been riding a crazy roller coaster with lots of twists, turns, scary drops, and amazing memories!!! SO much has been going on around here it’s hard to know where to start typing. I tell myself I need to write more…and I really do because it’s my release. It’s cleansing and I truly enjoy it!

Have you ever just stopped in your tracks and felt like you are slowly exiting a tornado? Not sure how you’ve been functioning but you have been and you’re pretty proud of yourself? Things are going good, but that’s just it, you’re going..going…going..and haven’t stopped to breath in a while? That’s been me lately! Just running this crazy race of life, unsure of where the start or finish line is! I’ve been running off Jesus, the love of my family, and caffeine of course!

Sometimes when we have so many hats we are wearing, or jobs we are juggling, life seems hard, and may feel overwhelming. We’re still breathing, still thankful for all of our blessings, but wow, it feels like you’ve ran a race and need to cool off. That’s why I’m sitting here drinking COFFEE and eating COOKIES for breakfast! Because WHY NOT?! I’m just breathing for a minute, something I’ve needed to do for a while! And because I deserve to sit for a few minutes and let my thoughts flow!

So many things going on! We finally opened our online clothing boutique, Blue Lane Co and we have had an amazing first month! We are extremely blessed by all the love and support and we are so excited to see where this business goes! We participated in our first vendor event last weekend and it went great! We saw so many friends and we met a lot of new friends! Blue Lane Co is going places and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the love and support!

Emery Rose will be TWO in two weeks! How did this even happen??? The last two years have flown by and this Mumma is having a hard time! My little baby is growing up, talking up a storm, and has the biggest and sweetest personality I’ve ever known! She is so very smart and keeps us on our toes! I’m so excited for these toddler years! Even though I know they will be trying at times…I’m ready! The things she knows and the way she learns is so inspiring. She cares for others and always knows how to make you smile. Her dance parties are AMAZING and let me tell you, the girls got moves!

We are so excited for summer and outdoors! I’ve been running lately and telling myself it is time to get back in shape! I’ve used “time” as my excuse for a while but not anymore! It’s finally nice out so Emery and I will be going on runs and I’ll be finding ways to work out while having fun and making memories! I finally told myself, if you want this, YOU have to make the time! Disclaimer: Emery will not be running LOL, she’ll be comfy while riding in her stroller!

We hope you all are having an amazing start to your summer! Don’t forget sunscreen and lots of water! Make memories with those you love and take in every moment!

Don’t forget to check out our new website! Blue Lane Co

Happy Memorial Weekend – Thank you to those who have and do serve! Be safe!

Love you all!!

XXO Alexandrea


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